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The One Easy Thing That Keeps Me Cool During Hot Summers (And Reduces My Electricity Bill)

By Simon Moore - June 20, 2024
in Home Tech

When I first moved to Arizona with my wife two years ago, things were great. We bought a nice house, had a beautiful baby, and had a little disposable income to treat ourselves now and again.

But, in the past year, things have changed. My wife left her job to look after our daughter, so our funds have gotten tighter. We no longer have the disposable cash that we used to have, and we have to watch where we spend every dollar. One of the biggest things we’ve had to struggle with is our air conditioning.

Last summer, our AC unit started acting up. Arizona summers are crazy hot, and evenings are the worst – the sweat was dripping off us during the night and trying to sleep was so uncomfortable.

Despite our AC not working efficiently, it was guzzling electricity. We were spending over $100 per month on air conditioning alone. Arizona has the fourth highest electricity bills in the U.S, and with the price of energy increasing, we were starting to struggle.
I called a local maintenance man to come and check if our unit was broken. The call-out charge alone was $95. He advised that our AC needed upgrading – something which was going to cost us around $5000 for the unit alone. There was no way we could afford that sort of money.

I did some research and found some portable air conditioning units online. However, these cost around $300 per unit so they were way out of our budget. We tried to manage the evening heat with cold, wet towels, but they weren't the most practical option.

In late July, the heat got really bad.

My jaw dropped when I saw the weather report flash up on TV.

“Temperatures expected to hit a record high.”

The temperature that week was set to reach 122 degrees. That was the highest temperature in 30 years. We were already struggling to sleep from the discomfort of warm, sticky air. Every night was spent tossing and turning. I felt exhausted.

The following evening, I went round to my buddy Steve’s house. As soon as I stepped through the door, the ice cold air hit my body. “Wow, it’s so nice and cool in here” I gasped.
I couldn’t believe it when Steve showed me the small AC device that was cooling the room. Best of all, the price was affordable. He gave me the link to Breeze Maxx and I ordered two units. The risk-free guarantee meant that if it didn’t work as well in our home, I could get my money back.

The AC devices arrived within a week and I set them up effortlessly.

The results were incredible

We put one in our bedroom, one in the baby’s room, and one in our lounge. Our regular air conditioning normally uses 3500 watts of electricity per day, costing well over $100 per month. However, when I checked the energy use of the Breeze Maxx, I was shocked. It had only used 9 watts of power in ONE DAY – that’s for 3 DEVICES. Overall, that was a reduction of over 99%.

We couldn’t believe it!

The innovative solution that gives you winter weather at the push of a button.

We use this device when we’re at home, when we go camping, and even when we’re relaxing on our patio. Once it’s charged up, you can take it anywhere you go. The space saving, noise-free design makes it handy to use in any area where you want to feel cool and comfortable.

A Revolutionary Device That Instantly Cools You Down While Reducing Electricity Usage

This convenient device requires no installation, just plug it in via a USB charger to charge it up, fill up the tank with cold tap water (which will last you for eight hours), and you’re ready to go. There are 3 different power modes so you can control the temperature to get the coolness you want. The small device is super silent so it’s ideal to use during the night, and it only takes a couple of minutes to cool down a room.

How Does It Work?

Breeze Maxx is a fully portable AC that uses patented, environmentally friendly cooling technology to allow you to get comfortable when you need to. Unlike a fan that simply circulates warm air, this device uses evaporation technology via cold tap water to cool you down. You can even put the filter in the freezer before use for extra icy air on a super hot day.

In addition to working as an AC, it also humidifies, providing extra moisture to soothe your skin, eyes, and nasal passages, from the dry summer air. The special inner filter contains silver to kill germs in the air, improving air quality in the space around you.

What’s more is that there are no installation or maintenance costs like a traditional AC unit. With the less electricity it uses, it’s also great for saving money on your energy bills.

“This unit is amazing. It has been a total game changer for us.”

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