Is This Portable AC The Secret To Beating The Heat And Keeping Your Energy Bills Low?

Written By Sammy Holland - June 20, 2024

Now you can keep your family cool and comfortable even on the hottest of days without having to worry about how much money it’s costing you at the end of each month. 

It’s no secret that energy bills have skyrocketed for millions in recent years, forcing many people to switch their home AC off even on hot days. But I didn’t realise until a few weeks ago that my 65 year old mom was one of them.

When I went to visit her home in Chicago earlier this month, the weather had been in the 90s for seven days. My mom has never really enjoyed hot weather, so when I walked into the house, I was expecting to find it nice and cool. Instead, I was in for a shock.

It was boiling! My first thought was that her home AC had stopped working, but when I asked her about it, she told me that she’d switched it off intentionally. 

My energy bills have gone up by $200 a month, and I just can’t afford to use it,” she said “I’m only using it for a few minutes a day.” 

I was worried. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures and hot weather can cause serious health problems.

Thankfully, the next week, I returned to work to find a newly launched portable air conditioner waiting for me to review on my desk.

I’ve reviewed several portable air conditioners before, and have often been disappointed by their cooling capabilities, noisy operation and poor energy efficiency. But this was different. I soon realised that it would be the ideal solution for someone like my mom.

In fact, I’ve been so impressed by it that I’ve continued to use it at work – and it has been keeping me cool and allowing me to concentrate on my work all summer!

What is Chiller Portable AC?

It’s called Chiller Portable AC, and it’s arguably the most cost-effective answer to keeping cool during hot weather that you may ever find. This powerful AC is one of the most compact and lightweight portable devices on the market today, and it’s also extremely easy to use.

It features three different cooling modes – gentle, moderate and maximum “arctic chill” – as well as adjustable fan speeds ensuring you’ll be able to find the ideal level of refreshing comfort you need at any time. 

Due to it being whisper-quiet, even on its highest setting, you can use Chiller Portable through the day and during the night without it affecting your concentration or disturbing your sleep.

And The Best Part?

Chiller Portable can instantly cool down nearly any space within seconds of switching it on – even in the hottest of rooms! It means that you’ll be able to stay safe and refreshed without even having to use your home AC.

The brilliance of Chiller Portable is just how practical it is. You can move it from room to room without any hassle, or even using it outdoors. It’ll easily fit in any backpack, making it an essential item to take with you on camping trips or road trips. 

It’s so incredible that I’ve taken Chiller Portable with me everywhere this summer.

And since she started using it, my mom has loved it too. It’s so lightweight that it’s really easy for her to move around the house, and very energy efficient too. So I no longer have to worry about her becoming unwell from spending long hours exposed to high temperatures.

Chiller Portable Is How You Keep A Home Comfortable On Hot Days Without Spending Tons of Money

How is it possible that an air conditioner this effective can actually save you money?

The secret comes from its remarkable efficiency. Switching your home air conditioning on for just an hour a day can result in your monthly bills increasing several hundred dollars. But most ACs tend to be inefficient when it comes to keeping you cool too – they’ll target the whole house rather than the one specific area you’re in. 

Chiller Portable is less wasteful in that it only cools the area you happen to be in. And due to only using a tiny amount of power when switched on, you’ll be making significant savings whilst staying cool and refreshed for up to eight hours at a time. 

What Makes Chiller Portable So Good?

Easy To Set Up

Compared to many other portable air conditioners, Chiller Portable is much easier to se. It has a no-hassle set-up, just add cool water or ice to the leak-proof tank, switch it on and enjoy cooling refreshment.

Adjustable Cooling Modes

Chiller Portable has three different cooling modes to choose from as well as adjustable fan speeds, allowing you to select the level of cooling you require quickly and easily. 

Whisper Quiet

Even on its highest setting, Chiller Portable is quieter than many competitor products. It’s ideal for using during those hot uncomfortable nights –allowing you to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. 

Travel Friendly

Small and lightweight, Chiller Portable is easy to move from room-to-room, and even makes for a great travel companion. Whether you’re on the road or camping out, this portable AC will keep you cool no matter where you are.

Energy Efficient

Designed to be incredibly energy efficient, Chiller Portable only consumes a tiny amount of power when in operation. It means that it is also far better for the environment than your home AC too!

Why Is Chiller Portable Superior To Other Portable ACs?

Other Portable ACs

Use The Chiller Portable To Cool Down Every Room In The House

Join the 45,000+ (And Growing!) Americans Who Use Chiller Portable Their Families Cool

“I am surprised how this really small and portable device can cool air so rapidly. I just add cold water and power and can feel the difference in my study in just minutes. The great thing, it can be charged with a portable power bank and thanks to that and it's lightweight – I was able to take it with me on my last camping trip!”

Cassandra Heska

“I have been using this product for 2 months now and it's amazing how quickly it cools. I am able to charge this with my laptop & power bank and it works for over 6 hours comfortably. As advertised it's truly lightweight and fits into my trekking backpack too. If you are an outdoorsy person, it’s a must have.”

Larry H. Newcomb

“I have had portable AC's before but this one beats them hands down on – build, portability & effective cooling all the way! I was not sure if the air filter would work – but when I opened it for a quick clean – I was able to see the gunk it had trapped – pretty amazing! I have 1 at office and 1 at home.”

Anne Greene

How Can I Get Chiller Portable AC Today?

To get your energy efficient portable air conditioner, go straight to the official Chiller Portable website. The company is currently running a deal at 50% OFF for the first 500 takers. But you need to act quickly to take advantage of this fantastic discount.

Warning: Due to Chiller Portable’s remarkable success, many companies are making cheap knock-off copies. BEWARE of these copycats, because they DO NOT have the same hi-tech features that come as standard with the Chiller Portable. Go directly to the Chiller Portable website with this link to make sure you get the genuine product.


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