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This is How Thousands of Americans are Heating up Their Homes and Slashing Electric Bills

By Charlie Jackson - June 18, 2024
in Home Tech

My job is testing and reporting on electronic gadgets in New York. And when it comes to tech that keeps you warm and cosy through winter, I’ve tested almost every product on the market. Believe me – you need it here!

When everyone thinks of space heaters, they assume they’re all the same. Plug it in and cross your fingers that it can quickly heat any room without sky-high electricity bills. But unfortunately thats not the case… 

So, when my company asked me to review the brand new Elite Heat space heater, I wasn’t too excited.

“I thought. This small device isn't going to cut it. Surely it can't be as good as a big bulky heater”

But this time – I couldn’t have been more wrong.

That morning, the package arrived with the brand-new heater inside for me to review. I opened the box and was immediately impressed with what I saw.

Some portable heaters look a bit basic or cheap, but Elite Heat is the exact opposite. Made from premium polymers with minimalist styling and a modern design, I could immediately see it’s had serious thought put into it. It’s so compact you could easily place it in any corner of your room, and its sleek, pristine-white finish adds a touch of style to my home.

It was definitely the best-looking portable heater I’d seen (also the smallest), so I really hoped that Elite Heat would function just as great as it looked.

So far, Elite Heat had checked all the right boxes, but come on – the real test was how effectively it could heat my cold living room.

The Real Test - How Effective Is Elite Heat At Quickly Heating Rooms?

I studied all the specs and discovered that Elite Heat incorporates some of the newest technical advances in 2022. And that’s when I started to get excited.

Unlike other portable space heaters, Elite Heat uses a breakthrough technology that creates what’s known as a“perpetual heat loop”, while drastically reducing the amount of power needed to heat rooms. 

Essentially rather than just pumping out heat, it draw's the air back in and recirculates existing heated air, warming rooms faster for less cost…

The potential benefits of this new tech were huge.

This is no ordinary portable heater though. Elite Heat’s advanced engineering and patented technology put it leagues ahead of other portable heaters on the market.

What Makes Elite Heat Different?

It turns out there have been some huge advances in how to heat enclosed environments in the last two years. But so far, Elite Heat is the only consumer heater on the market to implement them. Very impressive!

I plugged it into a wall socket, left space in front of its vent as instructed, and switched the thing on. And that’s when my opinion suddenly skyrocketed a few dozen notches.

I sat 15 ft away on my couch in my chilly living room, but within seconds I could feel a familiar cosy sensation as warm air spread through the room. And just over two minutes later, the digital thermometer I was using shot up from a cold, 40 degree reading to a toasty 75 degrees. 

I thought this small, compact device could be used anywhere such as bedrooms, bathrooms, RV's, garage and heat up any place immediately – Incredible.

I was so surprised at just how quiet Elite Heat is considering the warmth it generates. Plus it spreads heat evenly too. Often the problem I find with many small heaters is that they only end up heating one corner of the room, but after checking different areas, it had heated to a uniform 75 degrees all over. Words can’t describe how much of a difference it makes!

The next very important test was to see just how much electricity this heater used, as it would be useless to me if it sent my bills through the roof. However, here too I was even more impressed. After first checking the meter then leaving the heater running for two hours, I was shocked when I went back and saw the meter barely moved. 

I couldn’t believe it. I don’t use this term often, but Elite Heat is simply AMAZING..

Anyone who needs to warm up any space needs this revolutionary heater!

With variable settings I can easily adjust Elite Heat to a temperature that suits me, or set a timer to warm the room before I go to sleep. Plus even in bitterly cold conditions, the immense heat it generates is enough to heat any room, regardless of the temperatures outside. And better still – because of it’s amazing energy efficiency, I can leave it running throughout the day without worrying about bills.

It’s also packed with safety features too which put my mind at ease, such its ability to immediately power off if the heater mistakenly gets knocked over by a pet, small child or clumsy adult (such as me).

And because it’s designed to be portable, it’s so easy to just unplug, pick it up and place it in my bedroom, study or garage when needed. But wait…

I can hear the questions now… all sounds great, but is this thing expensive?

The answer – no! At first I’d assumed that because it will save so much money in bills over the long run, they’d really hike up the price to buy it to begin with. But when I saw how much this thing costs I was shocked. They’ve set the price to be affordable to all, and considering all the benefits, it makes the competition all look very highly priced by comparison!

“Elite Heat is a win-win situation. The price is amazing, the energy-efficiency is superb, and the level of warmth it gives you is spectacular.”

Usually I have to send back my review samples, but I wanted to keep Elite Heat for myself so I could enjoy cosy, warm days right the way through winter. So I paid the money and kept it. ZERO regrets! 

I wholeheartedly give Elite Heat portable space heater a massive THUMBS UP! 

Here Are The details!

  1. ADVANCED HEAT TECHNOLOGY – Elite Heat incorporates perpetual heat loop technology that delivers heat more effective than any other portable portable space heater on the market.

  2. RAPIDLY HEATS ROOMS – For living rooms, garages and bedrooms it’s absolutely ideal. It can heat normal sized master bedrooms and living rooms to 75 degrees in 2 minutes, while large rooms take just a little bit longer at 4-5 mins.

  3. INCREDIBLY CHEAP TO RUN – The Elite Heat portable heater uses the latest advances in energy efficiency to deliver rapid warmth without sending your electricity usage into overdrive. So no more worrying about winter bills again.

  4. SUPER-SIMPLE TO USE – Just plug it in and turn it on. Elite Heat instantly begins heating rooms to the desired level you set it, thanks to it’s easy-to-change variable settings.

  5. SLEEK & STYLISH DESIGN – This thing looks fantastic at home, with a sleek, minimalist design that complements any home decor.

  6. CAST-IRON MONEY GUARANTEE – If for any reason you think Elite Heat isn’t for you, just send it back within 30 days and get a full refund, no questions asked.

Is There Any Downside To The Elite Heat?

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