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This Mosquito Zapper Is Selling Out Each Week! We Tested It To See Why!

By Harry Wilson - July 21, 2024
in Outdoor Tech

Here's Are The Mind Blowing Results...

So many readers have been asking us to review FuzeBug! It has already racked up thousands of glowing customer reviews since its release, with users raving over how quickly it wipes out mosquitoes. It definitely got us interested, but we held back judgment until our resident expert tested the product in full. Well… now we have – and it’s worth the wait!

Quick & Easy Setup...

FuzeBug was founded by a team of tech entrepreneurs focused on creating cutting-edge technology that’s a piece of cake to use. And we have to admit – setup couldn’t have been simpler.

The device arrived within 3 days of ordering, and on first impressions – we were surprised by how small this thing is. It can be charged via USB or solar, and it takes just a single click to get FuzeBug up and running.

Designed to be used without any technical knowledge whatsoever, you press a button to switch it on, and it instantly goes into mosquito elimination mode. Literally seconds later it had already killed two mosquitoes!

Powerful Indoor Mosquito Elimination

The first thing we did was measure just how many mosquitoes FuzeBug was able to eliminate from a specific area.

Before using FuzeBug, we placed a set number of mosquitoes in different environments, to see how many it was able to eliminate, and in what time frame. And after switching on FuzeBug we were blown away by the results just minutes later.

99% Mosquito Elimination
In both the living room and bedrooms, FuzeBug was able to kill 25 mosquitoes in under 6 minutes, eliminating over 99% of them! To put that in perspective, the next best device we tested was only able to kill 30% of mosquitoes in one hour. This is huge.

In backyards and gardens, it’s more difficult to assess the percentage killed, so we instead went by the number of bites we received. And we were shocked at the results. Sitting in a yard on a summer evening for 3 hours, we didn’t receive a single bite between us. Results like that are pretty much unheard of during summer in Texas!

400 Sq Ft Protection
Next we tested just how big an area FuzeBug was able to protect. We were stunned by what we found. It created a bite-free bubble that extended up to a 400 sq ft radius, which means you can use it in any room or back yard without needing to worry about getting bitten.

Easy To Clean
Some of the mosquito devices we tested have been a nightmare to clean, needing to unscrew bits and spend a long time cleaning, but FuzeBug is the exact opposite. Due to its IP67 waterproofing, it takes just seconds to clean. Simply run it under the tap for a short time and you’re done. This is by far the most convenient bug zapper we’ve tested.

Waterproof & Durable
FuzeBug has been built to put an end to mosquitoes no matter where you are. It held up well under our stress tests, even when being submerged in water or dropped from heights onto hard surfaces. No complaints here!

Safe & Non Toxic
FuzeBug has no moving parts and is completely harmless to adults, children and pets, making it suitable for every family environment.

Fast Charging
Now this was a fantastic feature we didn’t expect. It charges to full in under an hour using the provided USB cable, and lasts for multiple days. But if you want to exclusively use it outside – you’re in luck, as it incorporates a solar panel on the unit, so you can charge it by the rays of the sun without ever having to take it inside! Now that’s convenient.

Wipes Out Mosquitos in Every Environment...

FuzeBug is built to handle all environments, so we did tests in each one to see how it fared. We were very pleasantly surprised by what we found! Take a look at how it fared below…

Bedroom & Living Room

If you hate being disturbed or woken up by buzzing mosquitoes, or discovering itchy red welts suddenly appearing on your body when you’re at home relaxing, the FuzeBug is ideal. Its 99% mosquito elimination feature works wonders indoors, leaving you bite-free all summer long.


Backyards can have mosquitoes approaching from all directions, so it’s usually a lot tougher to fend them off, but it was like water off a duck’s back to FuzeBug. We were able to spend the entire evening relaxing in the backyard without getting bitten – noramly we’d be swarmed by them by about 8pm!

Camping & Fishing

Campgrounds and lakeside fishing areas are the toughest areas for any mosquito zapper, as these are places where those pesky critters thrive! So we were bowled over after using FuzeBug in these areas. We remained mosquito-bite free for the entire weekend! That’s no easy feat we assure you, and testament to just how well this product works.

Glowing Reviews...

In addition to extensive testing, we asked the opinion of our readers to gauge their thoughts on the product.

Here’s what they had to say:

“I picked FuzeBug up after my friends had been raving about it. Now I know why! I live somewhere that’s plagued by mosquitoes during the summer, but this manages to get rid of all of them incredibly quickly. It’s a godsend at home, especially at night when I’m sleeping.”
– Paul G, Oregon

“My family is over the moon with this. We live in a particularly mosquito-heavy area, and this summer has been awful. We've tried every home remedy and nothing has worked until we got FuzeBug. It's easy to use, and it really does work! We're so relieved to finally have found something that will keep us safe from those pesky mosquitoes.”
– Stacey C, Florida

“Love it! I use FuzeBug everywhere! My home, garden and even when I go camping, I can take this nifty little device with me and be mosquito free! It's a godsend”
– Morgan F, Texas

24/7 Customer Support...

FuzeBug offers round the clock customer service for all customers, which is above and beyond what most companies are able to deliver. In addition, they have a cast iron money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can send the device back within 30 days for a full, no-fuss refund. We really value service like this for our readers.

Fantastic Value...

Considering just how much of a difference FuzeBug makes compared to other mosquito zappers, the price is an absolute steal. It’s incredibly affordable for something that solved all our mosquito problems in one fell swoop.

No other mosquito zapper we tested was able to match FuzeBug on effectiveness, ease of use… or price! In our opinion, this is a no brainer, and a key reason why FuzeBug gets our top marks.

Where To Buy...

Currently FuzeBug is running a massive 50% discount on their website, which has resulted in an incredible rise in demand.

To take advantage of their special offer while stock is still available, visit their official website to get one now, and eliminate pesky mosquitoes today.

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