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We Tested 5 Of The Best Japanese Knives & Kitchen Katana Was Our Top Pick: Here's Why

Reviewed By Sammy Holland - June 20, 2024

This one’s for all of you budding chefs at home! At Consumer Trusted Reviews, we love giving our readers what they’ve been asking for. So you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve answered your cooking prayers and comprehensively reviewed the Kitchen Katana Japanese Knives.

Are you using your old, blunt, serrated knife for every cutting and chopping task in your kitchen? Now may be the time to upgrade your kitchen utensils. You may be under the impression that all Japanese knives are the same and all do the same job. We initially thought the same. That’s until we tested out 5 of the most highly rated knives – and found that the Kitchen Katana outshined the competition.

Of course, we held back our full judgment until our experts tested the product in full! Now we have – and frankly, we think this device that’s currently on offer and priced at just $29.95 is an absolute STEAL.

Find out why….

Versatile in the Kitchen…

If you are looking for a versatile knife for your kitchen at home or a professional knife for your kitchen at work, the Kitchen Katana is certainly the most versatile.

The Kitchen Katana can be used for chopping, slicing, dicing, deboning, and butchering just about anything with great ease. No matter how tough or razor thing you want to cut, this works with perfect precision. It is suitable for cutting meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables.

High-Quality Stainless Steel…

The Kitchen Katana is forged with the highest quality stainless steel using century-old traditional Japanese techniques. You don’t get more authentic than that!

The knife’s blade offers precision slicing, dicing and cutting with a combination of long lasting sharpness and lifetime corrosion resistance.

Long Lasting Razor Sharpness…

There’s nothing worse than a blunt knife! And when it comes to making a purchase for a professional knife, you need to be sure that you’re not going to have to sharpen it after every use.

Luckily, the Kitchen Katana offers peace of mind that it retains its extraordinary sharpness. It’s sharpened by hand using Whetstone for superior sharpness, edge retention and blade strength so you can rest assured this blade, when used correctly and cared for, will always offer great results.

Precision Control…

If you want precision slicing, dicing, chopping, and deboning – this knife is for you. No matter how dense the product or how razor thin you want to cut, this product will cut with precision control.

The way the knife is crafted to ensure that the weight of the knife is towards the handle makes for easy control and comfortable use of the knife. As the weight is shifted from the end of the blade to the handle, unlike a lot of knives, it is so much easier to handle and use.

Index Finger Hole…

A welcome addition to such a sharp knife has to be the index finger hole on this magnificent utensil. Unlike 90% of the knives currently available on the market, the addition of the finger hole offers a great safety and comfort level to the knife.

It also helps with cutting and precision – giving unparalleled comfort and safety meaning it can be used even in the most challenging kitchens without fear of any mishaps.

Very Comfortable to Hold…

We mentioned previously that the weight of the steel blade is balanced towards the handle which means that the knife is easier to hold and manage with precision and safety.

You’ll also notice that the knife’s handle is made from premium oak wood making it easy and comfortable to grip. Add in the perfect ergonomic shape for easy handling and the fact that it looks so good, what’s not to love?!

Chef Recommended…

“Trusted and Recommended by top Chefs” – this certainly caught our attention.

We had a good look into this knife and after seeing the reviews by some extraordinary chefs, we were definitely interested. They all agreed that the Kitchen Katana knife was a dream to use and work with.

With its sharp blade, comfortable handle and the extra safety measure including the index finger hole, they loved this product. They confirmed that it offered precision cutting and even highlighted the pronounced shape of the blade that tapers to the end and offered the swiftest rocking motion for dicing. We loved hearing what they had to say, and it just assured us that we had found ‘the one’!

Lightweight But Study…

Using a heavy knife, whether in your kitchen at home or if you are a professional chef, can mean that you aren’t going to get the precision you require. It can also become tiresome to actually use.

The Kitchen Katana is your saviour here! It truly is lightweight. This doesn’t mean it suffers in quality, in fact, quite the opposite.

The blade is made from Japanese steel using proven Japanese techniques to forge the toughest blade for precision and slicing, with extra care taken to ensure the product isn’t chunky and heavy.

Glowing Reviews...

In addition to our own extensive testing, we asked the opinion of our readers to gauge their thoughts on the product.

Here’s what they had to say:

– Allison C
“Definitely the best kitchen knives I have used, a delight to look at & a pleasure to use for chopping, slicing, deboning & butchering. Have been using mine for 1 year + and the blade is still razor sharp.”

– Justin S
“This is the only knife I trust when I want to make a meal that looks as good as it tastes! No matter how tough or razor thin you want to cut, this works perfectly. The index finger hole is such a smart addition for safety & control.”

– Clara P
“The most sturdy, precise, & beautiful knife I have ever used. I got it as a gift from my husband and still thank him now and then! Great quality, craftsmanship, features & longevity.”

30-Days Money Back Guarantee…

As if Kitchen Katana’s customer support wasn’t already good enough, they go above and beyond any level of service by offering a huge 30-day money back guarantee! If you’re not completely satisfied, then you can send your Japanese knives back for a full refund, with no fuss.

This just shows how confident they are in their innovative product, and it is a service that we really rate for our readers.

Fantastic Value...

Out of all the Japanese knives we tested; you really can’t get better value for money than you can with Kitchen Katana. Even without their current discount, the price is an absolute steal.

No other Japanese knives on the market could compare with all things considered, particularly the very competitive price point. In our opinion, this is a no brainer, and a key reason why Kitchen Katana gets our top marks.

Where To Buy

To be honest, we’d put this device at the very top of our list even at its regular price of $219.80 – it’s that good. But for those reading this right now, the news gets even better…

Currently, Kitchen Katana is running a 70% discount on their website – taking the price down to just $29.95, which has resulted in an incredible rise in demand. Or, if you purchase 4, then they work out at just $19.98 each.

To take advantage of their special offer before they sell out, visit their official website, and embrace your passion for cooking!

This is the only official site. DO NOT BUY ANYWHERE ELSE. Get the REAL THING. Buy the well-engineered, PREMIUM QUALITY Kitchen Katana Japanese Chef Knife and get all the advances and new technology built into it.



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