UPDATE – Bye Critter is currently sold out in retail stores nationwide & shipping ports are causing delivery delays across the USA. However, they may still be available on their website HERE

This Pest Repeller Promised "No More Hiring Exterminators," So We Tested if the Claim Was True!

By Harry Wilson - June 23, 2024
in Outdoor Tech

Ever since I watched the movie The Ant Bully, I have learned to be respectful to other animals. In the movie, ants shrink a boy and kidnap him so they can teach him that bullying isn’t cool.

Before the kidnap, the boy enjoyed flooding the ants’ colony, destroying scores of them.

So when we noticed that we had a rat infestation at our office—God knows how it started—we brainstormed ways to deal with the problem in the most humane way possible.

We pride ourselves in being an organization that promotes zero cruelty to animals that are just trying to make a living—even though that means letting them poop all over our office.

So options like hiring an exterminator for $1000+ or using traps were out of the question.

Ultrasonic pest repellers seemed like the best option.

This led to an entire week of searching the internet for the best ultrasonic pest repeller. We read thousands of reviews, watched dozens of videos, and read plenty of articles on the repellers we had shortlisted.

And from all that work, one repeller stood out—the Bye Critter.

We chose it because it had performed impressively on our checklist which focused on several factors:

  • It had consistently positive reviews
  • It’s rated as being capable of driving away a wide range of pests
  • It’s affordable
  • And it’s dead easy to use

We figured that if the internet had dubbed this as “one of the best ultrasonic pest repellers money can buy,” then it was our best chance at dealing with our infestation.


What We Like About the Bye Critter

We bought five units and they arrived at the office in just a few days.

Our first impression was positive—the device is well-built. It’s plastic—but it’s the kind of plastic that shows you it will last for years. There is no creaking, gaps, or anything to indicate quality control issues.

And this might be a matter of taste, but the Bye Critter is also stylish. You won’t have trouble keeping it in the open as it looks elegant plugged into a socket.

Installing our five pest repellers was easy—just take them out of the packaging and plug them into sockets. The entire process took less than 5 minutes.

Does It Work

Even though it’s only been 3 days at the time of writing this, we can confirm that we haven't seen a single rat in sight.

The instructions claim that it can take up to 7 days to completely get rid of an infestation.

But the droppings have completely disappeared in just a few days—without a single trap or dead rat to clean up.

The technology behind the Bye Critter is innovative. Ever watched one of those CIA interrogation movies where they blast music at full volume as a form of torture?

That’s exactly how this works.

It plays high-pitched ultrasonic sounds that drive pests insane, making the area uncomfortable, and therefore, inhabitable. So, they clear out.

Won’t the sound be distracting to me?

Absolutely not.

The frequency range is beyond anything audible to humans or pets, making this ideal to install in your home even if you have cats or dogs.

In the two weeks we have kept the repellers plugged in, we even forgot that they were there as they didn’t make a single sound we could hear. Or produce any nasty/harmful smells.

Each unit can cover an area of 800-1200 sq ft. And it doesn’t matter where the pests are hiding as the ultrasonic sounds can penetrate cracks.

While our main focus when testing this was to get rid of the mice infestation, we have also noticed that the population of other pests has decreased. We are no longer seeing as many mosquitoes or bugs as before.

The best part with the Bye Critter is that if you just leave it plugged in, it will act as a deterrent against further infestations.

This is unlike traps that you have to set up or move now and then. And it is unlike chemicals which are not only expensive but also leave your home smelling like a drug store for weeks.

Our only gripe with the Bye Critter is that we are supposed to replace them after 3-5 years. But considering how affordable these are, it’s still a great investment. Nothing close to what we would have paid for hiring an exterminator every year.

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