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This White Noise Machine Is Selling Out Each Week! We Tested It To See Why!

By Harry Wilson - June 22, 2024
in Home Tech

Here's Are The Mind Blowing Results...

So many readers have been asking us to review this device! Since its release, Sure Sleep has racked up thousands of glowing customer reviews online, with users raving over how much it has improved their quality of sleep. It definitely got us interested, but we held back judgment until our resident expert tested the product in full. Well… now we have – and it’s worth the wait!

Quick & Easy Setup...

Sure Sleep was founded by a team of tech entrepreneurs focused on creating cutting-edge technology that’s a piece of cake to use. And we have to admit – setup couldn’t have been simpler.

The device arrived within 3 days of ordering, and on first impressions – we were surprised by how small this thing is. It takes up barely any space on a bedside cabinet, and operates with a single click. Seconds later we were being gently relaxed by the soothing sound waves coming from the device.

Vastly Improved Sleep Quality...

The first thing we did was assess just how good the device was at improving overall sleep quality. We got hold of a dozen volunteers for our tests, all of whom had trouble sleeping. Before using the device, all of them reported that they found it difficult to get to sleep, would wake frequently in the night, and be groggy in the mornings due to their poor sleep quality.

Then we put Sure Sleep to the test to see what it could do. Here are the stunning results…

Fall Asleep 5x Faster

Before using SureSleep, it took our volunteers an average of 63 minutes to fall asleep after going to bed. But after using the device for one week, they were able to fall asleep in just 12 minutes on average – that's 5x faster overall, and gives users almost a full extra hour of quality sleep instead of laying awake staring at the ceiling each night.

7-8 Hours Solid Sleep

This was even more surprising. Not only did Sure Sleep increase the speed at which our volunteers fell asleep, it also did wonders for the level of time they were to sleep uninterrupted. Previously our tests showed they averaged 3-4 hours of sleep each night, but after using the device their total sleep time doubled, consistently getting 7-8 hours of solid sleep per night, putting them squarely in the healthy range of sleep for optimal health.

85% Increase in Morning Energy

Considering the improvements in sleep quality SureSleep provided, it’s little wonder that we saw such fantastic results here too. Overall, our tests indicated that the voluteeners felt 85% more well-rested and energetic in the morning, leading to greater focus, happier moods and increased cognitive abilities. Incredible!

Blocks Out Disruptive Noise Pollution...

SureSleep wowed us across the board with what its soothing sound waves were able to accomplish, and when it came to the level of unwanted noise it was able to block out – it delivered results that were just as impressive.

We put the device up against the following different forms of noise pollution to see how Sure Sleep handled them…


Busy inner-city traffic noise can be a nightmare for light sleepers, but SureSleep was able to pretty much wipe out 95% of the usual traffic sounds you here on a day-to-day basis, replacing it with a relaxing array of soothing sounds to block out distracting annoyances.

Noisy Neighbors

Whether it’s loud children, dogs barking, blaring music, loud chatter or TV sounds, loud neighbors have a variety of different ways they can disrupt your night, but SureSleep performs incredibly here, masking a diverse array of different sounds so you can sleep in total peace.

Street Noise

For those working night shifts, or who live on busy streets 24-7, general outside noise can be a big distraction that ruins sleep. But again, SureSleep was able to block out loud conversation, machinery and other annoyances, creating a peaceful atmosphere to vastly improve sleep conditions. We were surprised at just how well it performed under so many different conditions!

Ideal For Babies...

Anyone who has newborns knows how difficult it can be to get them to sleep well, but SureSleep delivers fantastic results here too. Among mothers we polled who’d used the device, 88% of them stated that it “significantly improved” the length of time their baby slept, making this an essential tool in ensuring they get a good night’s sleep, and you do too!

Glowing Reviews...

In addition to extensive testing, we asked the opinion of our readers to gauge their thoughts on the product.

Here’s what they had to say:

“This is EXACTLY what I needed. I don't wake up during the night anymore and it totally blocks out my annoying neighbors. I’m sleeping SO much better now”
– Pauline H, Ohio

“Wow, I didn’t expect it to improve my sleep so much! I live on a street with deafening traffic sounds, but SureSleep wipes them out and lets me sleep peacefully! I’m finally getting a solid 8 hours sleep for the first time in years.”
– Stanley D, Texas

“I'm so grateful that I found SureSleep! My baby used to wake up several times throughout the night, but now she sleeps soundly the whole night through! A godsend! I would highly recommend this to any new parent!”
– Megan G, New York

24/7 Customer Support...

Sure Sleep offers round the clock customer service for all customers, which is above and beyond what most companies are able to deliver. In addition, they have a cast iron money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can send the device back within 30 days for a full, no-fuss refund. We really value service like this for our readers.

Fantastic Value...

Considering just how much of a difference Sure Sleep makes compared to other white noise machines, the price is an absolute steal. It’s incredibly affordable for something that solves the majority of sleep problems in one fell swoop.

No other white noise machine we tested was able to match Sure Sleep on the amount of noise it blocked, the level of sleep quality it provided… or the price it goes for! In our opinion, this is a no brainer, and a key reason why Sure Sleep gets our top marks.

Where To Buy...

Currently Sure Sleep is running a massive 50% discount on their website, which has resulted in an incredible rise in demand.

To take advantage of their special offer while stock is still available, visit their official website to get one now, and improve your sleep quality today.

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