Update: Extend Tecc WiFi Booster kept selling out within days last year as soon as new stock became available. And since word of mouth has spread, their supplies are selling even faster this year! Get yours before it's too late.

I Recently Discovered How To Sky-Rocket My Internet Speed WITHOUT Paying More To Upgrade!

I’m Saving Hundreds Each Year On My Internet Bill Too!

By Simon Moore - July 17, 2024
in Home Tech

Meet the powerful WiFi booster that instantly skyrockets your internet speed and range!

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It’s a difficult choice we all have to make when it comes to slow internet…

Do you just accept buffering and the constant interruption of your favorite TV shows and browsing habits? Or do you fork over even more cash to upgrade your internet and get locked into a long contract?

Thankfully, a new product called Extend Tecc WiFi Booster has arrived that removes both problems in one fell swoop –  super fast internet speeds, but without the exorbitant price internet companies charge for their top packages!

Instead of wasting your money by handing it to internet providers, the Extend Tecc WiFi Booster works as your own personal internet booster that instantly skyrockets your speed. Just plug it into any wall socket, press a button to pair it with your router and watch your internet speeds soar in seconds. 

“I decided to compare the Extend Tecc WiFi Booster to other WiFi devices out there  to see which worked better for me.”

The criteria I used were ease of use, cost of usage, and (of course!) the amount it was able to increase my internet speed.

What I discovered might surprise you. It certainly surprised me.

Extend Tecc WiFi Booster Gives You Super-Fast Internet For A Fraction Of The Cost

Extend Tecc WiFi Booster is unlike any other device on the market. It uses shortwave signals to amplify the data packets from your router, turbo-charging internet speeds to insane levels.   

Compared to other internet boosters, Extend Tecc WiFi Booster delivers considerably greater download speeds.

While most WiFI devices only try to transmit your existing internet speeds over a greater distance, Extend Tecc WiFi Booster increases the speed you’re able to get anywhere in your home. 

I decided to run a test between five other WiFi boosters vs Extend Tecc to see just how big the difference was. The results were astounding.

Did the other devices increase my internet speeds? Absolutely. But I have to be clear about this: it was barely enough to make any noticeable difference. I still got the dreaded buffering signal on my TV, laptop and smartphones.

Next I tried the Extend Tecc WiFi Booster. BOOM! The second I turned it on, my internet speeds went through the roof!  

With Extend Tecc WiFi Booster, you can stream in glorious 4K to your heart’s content. Watching blockbuster movies and your favorite TV shows how they’re meant to be seen, across Netflix, Disney+, Amazon – you name it. And of course, all internet browsing is a piece of cake, no matter what device you use, or which room you’re browsing in.

For me there was NO COMPARISON.

When I’m settling down on the sofa after a hard day to watch my favorite TV show, the LAST thing I want is connection issues that take 20 minutes to sort out, stress me out and ruin my relaxation time.

If your goal is to make your home life as easy as possible without wasting hours looking at  buffering symbols, and you don’t want to pay sky-high prices to internet companies to get their extra expensive packages, then Extend Tecc WiFi Booster is gonna feel like it was made just for you!

What Else Can Extend Tecc WiFi Booster Do?

We’ve already discovered that Extend Tecc WiFi Booster can skyrocket internet speed for any home in seconds, and that it costs just a fraction of the price that internet companies charge for their top packages.

But here’s a list of my other favorite features I discovered after using the Extend Tecc WiFi Booster for a solid week:

  • The Extend Tecc WiFi Booster extends WiFi signal over a 2000 sq ft area, giving you 5 FULL BARS of WiFi signal in every room of your house – from your top bedroom to your backyard! 
  • Extend Tecc WiFi Booster is a piece of cake to use! Instructions are super simple, and you don’t need ANY technical knowledge to use it. Just press one button, it pairs with your router within 30 seconds, and you’re away!
  • The Extend Tecc WiFi Booster is tiny and once you’ve plugged it in a wall socket, you’ll forget it’s even there.

The Ugly Truth About Traditional Internet Boosters

After testing, we saw that traditional wifi devices make big claims but deliver very poor results, with barely any increase in speed. Certainly not enough to make browsing hassle-free.

“Traditional wifi boosters use very basic technology that’s been around since the late 90s. They aren’t doing anything new, and despite big claims, they barely offer any improvement on internet speed.

But unlike all the other devices on the market, Extend Tecc WiFi Booster actually uses brand new cutting-edge technology to massively boost your internet speeds throughout your whole home! 

If you suffer from slow internet or patchy signal at home, Extend Tecc can be an absolute life saver!

Why Is Extend Tecc WiFi Booster So Affordable?

As longtime readers of my column will know, the lion’s share of the cost of selling most products is actually spent on advertising. Depending upon where you choose to advertise, the cost of running ads can be extraordinarily high for the manufacturer.

So how do they pay off these incredibly expensive ads? You guessed it – they pass those costs onto you, the customer!

Extend Tecc WiFi Booster bypasses these huge fees by selling directly to the public online. They don’t run any expensive advertising on television, radio, or in print.

By not blowing tens of thousands of dollars on an advertising budget, the makers of Extend Tecc WiFi Booster can pass the savings directly on to you!

Is the Extend Tecc WiFi Booster Worth It?

The answer is a certifiable YES.

Extend Tecc WiFi Booster is the best way to instantly boost your internet speed without the cost of paying to upgrade your internet package and getting locked in an expensive package.”

And with costs from internet providers expected to rise this year, Extend Tecc WiFi Booster is the best and most affordable way to instantly increase your internet speeds.

The time to buy the Extend Tecc WiFi Booster is now before this special introductory discount runs out. Units are currently selling like crazy, so if you want one, you’d better act fast!

Why waste buckets of cash on the highest-priced internet packages from your service provider that lock you into super long contracts? Instead you can instantly boost your speeds at a fraction of cost with Extend Tecc WiFi Booster!

Thousands of others are trying the Extend Tecc WiFi Booster

With the insane rise in costs for seemingly everything across the board, lots of people have been purchasing their Extend Tecc WiFi Boosters to cut costs, and leaving amazing online reviews.

"amazing device"


“This is EXACTLY what I needed. You have no idea how much my weak WiFI was annoying me before this! Extend Tec has completely eliminated the internet dead spots in my home.”

Jun 24, 2022
Greg H. – Destin, FL

"works great!"


“Wow, I didn’t expect it to reach this far! My sister lives next door and I’ve given her my WiFi password so she can share it with me. We both receive full signal, and it’ll save us a fortune.”

Jun 22, 2022
Amanda M. – Houston, TX

"bought 3!"


“My kids constantly complained about our internet before, but this has been a godsend! They can play games and stream to their heart’s content now, and I can watch Netflix without the dreaded buffering symbol.”

Jun 20, 22
Luka T. – San Diego, CA

How Do I Get a Genuine Extend Tecc WiFi Booster?

Don’t get stuck with some inferior knockoff product or design! Get your Extend Tecc WiFi Booster from their official website here official website here >>

As of July 17, 2024 Update: Extend Tecc WiFi Booster kept selling out within days last year as soon as new stock became available. And since word of mouth has spread, their supplies are selling even faster this year! Get yours before it's too late.

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